Recording our beans

Our beans are starting to grow really tall now! This week we talked about how they have changed from the beans that we planted into small beanstalks. We then thought about the best way to record how they have been changing and decided to take photos using cameras. After telling our friend how to use the cameras we went to have a go.

Here are are the pictures that we took.

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Planting seeds

Over the past few weeks we have been watching our beans grow. They have grown roots and some even have leaves! This week we have discussed all of the different things that the seeds will need to grow.

This week we have used our gardening tools to plant different herbs, making sure they had plenty of soil, water and light.



Ready Steady Grow!

Our new topic this half term is all about growing. We have read the story Jack and the Beanstalk By: Nick Butterworth. In the story the beanstalk grew and grew and grew. So we have planted our own beans to see if a beanstalk will grow!

As part of our work based on Jack and the Beanstalk we built our own beanstalks in pairs. We worked hard to build the beanstalk together, listening to our friends ideas and following instructions.



We have had a visit from a Police Officer and Mrs Sainsbury.

We learnt all about police officers and what they do. They wear a police hat, gloves and a reflective jacket when they go to work in a police station. Police officers catch criminals and put them in jail!

When Mrs Sainsbury visited us she told us all about her job as a head teacher. She has to look after all of the children and all of the teachers in the school. She works in her office, takes assemblies for the whole school and loves to visit the children when they are working hard!


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Putting on a show

This week we put on a show for our friends. We talked about what we would need to make the show amazing, music, songs and dancing. From this we took on the different roles of musicians in the orchestra and dancers on the stage. Here we are taking part in our performances.

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